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COLOP Marky Customizable stamp

COLOP Marky Customizable stamp

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The Marky stamp by Colop is a very easy and fun tool to add imprints to clothing and school supplies, with a name or personal message, for instance. The set is ideal for all personal items that you take to work, school, childcare or the sports club. Marky is easy to personalise with text and icons of your choice: the set includes tweezers with which you can easily place the correct characters in the grooves of the stamp. This way you can have endless variations with just stamp. The stamp with textile ink can be applied directly to all sorts of light-coloured absorbent surfaces, such as cardboard, paper and all types of textiles. For dark-coloured surfaces, the Marky set contains textile tape, which you can cut to the desired length after stamping and iron onto your clothing. For non-absorbent surfaces, such as lunch boxes, bottles, cups, pens and pencils, the set contains dishwasher-safe stickers that you can simply stick on after stamping. The Marky stamp has room for a maximum of 3 lines of text with 15 characters per line. When all the available spots are filled, the stamp measures 38 x 14mm. The complete set includes the cheerful Marky stamp with built-in black ink pad, 20 dishwasher-safe sticker labels, 1 metre of iron-on textile tape, tweezers, a set with letters, characters, numbers and icons and a manual. Each set is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. Marky is available in green, pink and blue. Supplied in 1 set.

The Marky refill kit with a black ink pad, 40 dishwasher-safe stickers and 1 metre of textile tape is also available on our website.

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