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Fonty BB Mérinos

Fonty BB Mérinos

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Fonty BB Mérinos is the perfect yarn for any project. Its soft and luxurious texture provides comfort and elegance, while the beautiful stitch definition adds a touch of sophistication. With its smooth glide, it's suitable for all age groups and guaranteed to impress.
It is ideal for any baby garments but you can also combine it with other yarns to create your own masterpieces.  You will be blown away with the quality and the softness as well as the wide range of colours. 

  • Fibre content:  100% Merino
  • Ball Weight:  50 grams
  • Length:  200 metres
  • Needle Size: 2.5mm-3mm
  • Gauge: 30sts to 10cm. Your tension may vary.
  • Care Instructions:  Gentle machine wash.
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