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KnitPro Split Ring Stitch Markers

KnitPro Split Ring Stitch Markers

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"With the KnitPro split ring stitch markers you will keep track of your stitches while knitting and crocheting. The split rings can be inserted into a stitch, for example to mark the start or end of a circular crochet round. They also come in handy for keeping track of the number of rows knitted or crocheted: place a stitch marker every 5 or 10 needles or rows, so you can see at a glance how much progress you made. These split rings can also be placed on the knitting needle between two stitches - ideal for marking the spot before or after a decrease or increase. Unlike closed ring stitch markers, these can be removed at any moment. Made with plastic. One pack contains 30 stitch markers in different colours."

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